The Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf can be found in the north of the United States and Canada and the Arctic Islands. It lives in the icy Arctic wastes and can withstand sub-zero

temperatures for months and even lives for up to five months in complete polar darkness, and goes for weeks without food. Very few animals can stand such conditions. As protection against the cold and a remarkably efficient camouflage, its white fur secretes a sebum that forms a total insulating layer in the harshest

winter conditions (temperatures as low as -57°C)...

Did you know?

In order to safeguard the species, many zoos around the world provide a home for Arctic wolves that have become rare in the wild. Packs of these wolves can cover a vast territory of up to 3,000 km² because of the scarcity of prey.

protected by the Washington Convention but still hunted for its fur. Also endangered by global warming.