Bivouac in Tanzania

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A night in the heart of africa !

Once the last visitor has left the park, your guide will take you on a safari trail for 1½ hours on board a bush taxi tracking the return of the animals to where they stay at night. You will be taken to your campsite where you will spend the evening with your guide. He will prepare traditional food for you and share his knowledge around the camp fire while you watch out for the animals.


An unforgettable experience

Each group or family is allocated its own Kenyan tent (max 5 people per tent) and benefits from a full hotel service (sheets and towels are provided).

You will spend the night in the land of animals, surrounded by zebra, wildebeest and antelopes and come nightfall it is not unusual to hear the howling of wild animals and the cry of wolves quite close to the campsite!


Have a breakfast in savannah !

The next morning, woken by the calls of the savannah at sunrise, you can enjoy your breakfast and share the previous day's delights with your fellow travellers before heading off to make the most of a full day to explore the park.


Les plus d'une expérience 
The offer includes:
  • a guided tour of the park in a 4x4 off-road vehicle
  • dinner
  • accomodation (full hotel service)
  • breakfast
  • and admission to the park the next day and to the Marine City.