the bottlenose dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphin

They are mammals and therefore have to go back to the surface to breathe. Perfectly suited to the marine world, they can swim at 25km/h, stay underwater for 15 minutes and hunt the fish they eat at depths of up to 300m. Bottlenose dolphins are part of the delphinidae family which includes 36 species. They can be found in almost all the seas and oceans of the world. They are often spotted on the French coastlines.

Length: 2 - 3.80m, average weight 300kg.

Gestation period: A single calf is born after 12 months, which is nursed for around 2 years.

Life span: 25 years

Anecdote: Bottlenose dolphins generally live in groups of twenty or so individuals. Occasionally a solitary dolphin may approach boats or swimmers. Two solitary dolphins, nicknamed Jean Floch and Randy, come to visit the coastal areas of Brittany and the Loire Atlantique regions.

not endangered
25 years