Piste Safari

Set off on a 10km trail to discover the great, iconic mammals, in your own vehicle or on board a 4x4 bush truck with your guide. It's not unusual at Planète Sauvage to be telling your friends the very next day that a lion or an elephant crossed your path on your way around the trail!

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Cité Marine

Above or below ground, enjoy the Marine City where you can discover the great bottlenose dolphin. You could spend all day watching these great mammals playing freely, or performing during the afternoon shows!

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Chemin de Brousse

Experience Africa! From the bushland inhabited by iconic birds, to the island of Madagascar and its lemurs, enjoy being completely immersed in the African bush!


Sentier des Incas

NEW ! This new universe is a lakeside promenade in South America. Squirrel monkeys surrounding you are surprising thanks to their agility and parrots brighten the landscape with their flamboyant colors. Take a break watching the flamingos and have fun watching the coatis game !

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Temple de la Jungle

NEW ! The Temple de la Jungle is a mix between adventure and discover thanks to its suspended bridge, that immerses you in the animals environment up to the treetops. Sharing their space with small Asian antelopes and pot-bellied pigs, macaques are fascinating by their social behaviors so close to ours.

A new playful universe for the delight of the whole family !

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