Planète Sauvage, France's biggest safari park

This large wildlife park features a Safari Trail that you can follow in your vehicle (or in their 4x4 truck available as an option) and a pedestrianized area that takes you on a journey through the continents. 1,000 animals from 110 different species await you along the discovery trail.


Planète Sauvage is involved in the fight against the disappearance of biodiversity and is committed to animal welfare issues on a daily basis, as well as to the conservation of species and the education of visitors. The park’s essential missions are raising visitor awareness about the threats facing wild fauna and making each of us active in protecting our planet and its living heritage. 

  Our Worlds

Planète Sauvage is a unique wildlife park in France, which allows you to enjoy a day-long journey to discover 1,000 animals from 110 different species.

The 6 worlds to visit on foot or by car, allow you to meet animals from all over the world! 


New: The big cats area! Discover new forest areas dedicated to cheetahs, lions and, from this summer, to Malayan tigers in the park’s pedestrianized area.


Come whenever you want in 2024!

  • Valid on the day of your choice (according to the 2024 opening calendar)

  • Free access to the park’s 6 worlds (including the educational dolphin presentation)



  • Adult (13 years and more)

    28,50 €
  • Children (3 to 12 years old included, free for children under 3 years old)

    22 €